Listen to a track from from our newest CD, Love Remembered, Love Forgot.

"One Month Crazier Than You"

Love Remembered, Love Forgot has seven new songs, two older ones we’ve never recorded, and three previously recorded songs given new – definitive – treatments.  It’s got guest appearances by our friends Tom Rush, Jonatha Brooke, Krista Detor, Pat Wictor, Trina Hamlin, Eric Schwartz, Yani Batteau, and Sophie Buskin.  It’s got a dee-vine rhythm section: besides our third arm, percussionist Marshal Rosenberg, there are Jeff St. Pierre (bass), Kevin Barry (guitars), and Corey Schreppel (drums).  It was lovingly produced by Neale Eckstein at Fox Run Studio.  And it is now available through CD Baby.

Both the Huffington Post and the Boston Globe have recently published articles about David & Robin.  You can read the Huffington Post article here and the Boston Globe piece here.

TO THE FRIENDS AND FANS OF BUSKIN & BATTEAU, a fond farewell.  Robin Batteau has decided to stop performing, effective immediately, so there will unfortunately be no more B&B shows or recordings.

I will continue performing with George Wurzbach and Rob Carlson as the less-than-ept but lovable geezer trio Modern Man.  Shows will be posted here, on and on Rob's website,

Along with Marshal Rosenberg, Nina Gray, Chuck Morse and Barbara Roehrer, I want to offer you my profound thanks for your friendship and support throughout the years.  There certainly were a lot of memorable moments, which we will treasure forever.  We wish all good fortune to you and your families in the future.

David Buskin

Hey Gang-- Robin here.

I'm fine.  Not sick.  A little twisted, maybe.  You know.  The family's fine, too, though our elderdog Indy (Labrador, aged 14&1/2) seems to be enjoying her hospice-like pampering maybe a little too much.  Of course, with dogs, there's no such thing as too much.

I'm just honestly really weary of the road-- "drive all day, and I get to play for an hour with an encore," as we sing in "Heart of the Audience."  I love the notes, I love the people, I don't love the driving.  Nowadays I like the idea of keeping it all close to home.  Anyway, I'll still be writing and singing and playing, hopefully a lot.  I'll keep you posted.